doneit has four day work week. Those who are not familiar with this concept have asked are we productive? The answer is absolutely yes. The math goes like this. If a person travels for 2 hours every day to commute to and from office, then that person spends 8 hours in 4 days just for commute. doneit has remote work, so let’s say if people save 8 hours in 4 days, its equivalent to 5the day! As simple as that.

We only encourage people to work 5 hours a day, the rest of the time we want them to spend with their families. A software well written won’t break and that’s what we did when we started doneit. We scouted for the best software developers who follow very good coding practices.

We also focussed on automation from day one, so that manual tasks and interventions, and manual errors that arise because of that are less, this ensured we can rollout multiple releases a day without the fear of getting something broken. But this does not mean nothing will break in the future, we have to be vigilant.

We encourage the organizations using doneit to try out 4 day work week, we are sure that this will increase your employee loyalty, their health and productivity.